This branch of dentistry bridges the two forms of medical field (Oral & Maxillofacial), associated with a number of important functions of daily life, including sight, smell, eating, breathing and talking; any sort of impairment in these functions severely disturbs the quality of life. This field in another term is thus referred to as a reconstructive surgical field.

One part is strictly composed of ORAL regions; any kind of cyst, tumours, discolouration (tongue, gums, cheek, palate),swelling, pus discharge, missing teeth, infections of mouth, wisdom tooth buried deep in the bone/jaw is treated by the oral surgeons.

Second part of our treatment is composed of FACIAL regions; any kind of deformity, damage to the face, numbness to any part of face, any unusual swelling noticed in the face or neck, defect in bones of face and jaw in terms of swelling, pus discharge, infections of bones, any kind of defect related to birth (cleft lip & palate), related to breathing, related to trauma/ fractures (road traffic accidents), related to unspecified growth, related to forwardly placed teeth/ facial defect and mouth cancers.

It also deals with the jaw joint known as TMJ that affects the opening and closing of the mouth, locked jaw (unable to open mouth), clicking sounds heard by patients while opening & closing of mouth, or severe pain during opening.

We also improvise the facial appearance in terms of nose, lips, dimples, face lift, botox (derma filler).

There are many such problems/ defects/ abnormalities that have been treated under this roof and experienced surgeons with the most important fact being trust shown by the patients to the surgeons.

Many aids such as radiographic examination and clinical examination of the patient is the utmost important step of the diagnosis and treatment planning, thus not only the consultancy but also in person clinical presence is important for permanent relief and results.

We are here to give you full guidance to sort your problems in normal functioning.

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