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Our own Dental Specialists are quick to respond to your dental issues. Our Doctors from various dentistry departments are here to help you maintain dental hygiene and oral health everyday. 

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Dental Talk is here to answer your queries.

Dental talk is an online dental service which provides 24×7 dental consultancy to dental care seekers from board certified and highly qualified team of dentists at your comfort. We truly believe in preventive measures, dental hygiene, patient education, appropriate dental advice is a key for optimal dental health.

We provide pain relief recommendations that can help you feel better immediately, including the appropriate medications if necessary. Our system supports voice and video call to understand the patient’s dental issue virtually. If the situation needs a dental visit, we can suggest an appropriate and top dentist near you. 

Yes! We deal with dental awareness, dental hygiene, home dental remedies, busting dental myths and many more dental related queries.
We help you to deal with confusion and second opinions for dental related issues. 

We understand that for some issues and treatment, patient’s need second opinion and our team of Dental Specialists are well experienced to consult.

All of our consulting dentists are licensed and experienced practitioners with great achievements in various fields of dentistry.

Our Personalised Dental Plan is for those who are looking for the ultimate Dental Care throughout the year and so on. Our Dental hygienist comes with a special Dental Plan for each individual separately as needed by them, to maintain their oral hygiene for foreseeable future.
Chat with us for more enquiry.

Our motive is to give you relief from discomfort as soon as possible at the comfort of your home. We hope to be your first response team in case of any emergency. You will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment plan and seek a second opinion too.

Also, in the time like this, where Covid-19 has ruined outings, we suggest you to stay at home and reach us online in case of any Dental Problems. We assure that you’ll get the best consultancy from us. 

Once you contact us, our support team will try and understand your dental issue in more detail and will inform you about the consultation charges. 
With Dental talk, you’ll get an affordable dental care from the experts.
Our motive is to reach patients across the country for low cost dental care.

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No waiting in clinics for your turns, stay stuck at traffic or to jeopardise your health during Covid-19.
Get your teeth the best dental advice and care from the comfort of your home by our Dental Hygienist and Dental Specialist. We thrive to make an excellent oral health of our Patients.

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