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Clear Aligner Treatment – Align your teeth without compromising on your smile

Clear Aligner Treatment is a technique and not a product. It is customized, comprehensive orthodontic appliance capable of treating a wide range of malocclusions through series of removable vaccum formed trays. Aligners gradually, predictably & accurately straighten teeth through a series of digitally designed movements.

clear aligner

Aligners is a CAD/CAM based technique used to treat different types of malocclusion with the help of series of aligners manufactured through a unique process of virtual positioning of teeth with the help of software and then prototyping the data with the help of highly precise 3D printers.

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Aligners provides new improved way of correcting malpositioned teeth through its unique CAD/CAM process which provides a hygienic, convenient and a clear solution for the correction of malocclusion without having to wear brackets and wires

Why to choose Clear Aligner Treatment?

1) Partially Visible

Aligners inspire confidence in patients and reduces the self-consciousness and awkward smiles in pictures. Patients can smile confidently while still making great strides in their orthodontic treatment.

clear teeth aligners

2) Comfortable

Aligners means no metal, no brackets and no wires. Aligner technique boasts aligner trays to straighten teeth and give you the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

clear aligner treatment

3) Better Hygiene

Aligners allows patients to be vigilant about their dental hygiene. It is as easy as ever to floss and clean your teeth after each meal. Teens are more likely to follow a dental hygiene routine if it is easy

Braces alternative

4) No Dietary Restrictions

With Aligners, you are free to eat and drink all foods and beverages. You will remove your aligners when you eat and place clean aligners back on clean teeth when you are done.

5) Less Frequency of Orthodontics Appointments

With aligners the patient need not visit an orthodontist every month. U can change the aligners after every 15 days at your home. U need to see the doctor once in 3 months. 

6) Precise and Predictable Results

Treatment planning for aligners is a computerized technique with great precision and ideal orthodontic forces. Hence results are more predictable. Patients get to see the treatment results virtually even before the treatment has started Thus aligners prove to be one of the most advanced, comfortable and convenient mode of orthodontic treatment that doesnt just create Before and after pictures but creates Before and after personalities !

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