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What is Periodontology? Know this before you go to any Dentist

PERIODONTOLOGY is a branch focusing on oral health and treatment advice for gum diseases(gingivitis and periodontitis)

This dental specialty focuses on prevention diagnosis, treatment planning, and prognosis of supporting and surrounding hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity.

It is believed that we should preserve the natural and then restore the missing. In this platform, we strive to give the advice to preserve the natural teeth and gums. And also to build a strong foundation (bone grafting) on which fixed prostheses like dental implants can be given.

In this era of socializing we respect your aspirations towards looking beautiful with beautiful smiles and esthetic lips and provide you with sheer knowledge and treatment options of smile designing and lip recontouring.

For geriatric patient we give effective consultations to stabilise loose and mobile teeth.

Dental talk is a useful resource that will help you to understand your course of treatment and answers related to the oral cavity. A team of efficient super-specialty dentists aims to improve oral and dental health and smile appearance. Book an appointment for online consultancy

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