PEDODONTICS: Dentistry For Children

 Children are the main pillars of our society. We are very much concerned about their health so why not about their teeth!  Kid’s Dental care (milk teeth) play key roles because:

1) It helps to chew

2) It helps to speak

3) It controls aesthetic (smile)

4) It guides and makes space for permanent teeth

5) It helps in the growth of the jaws and gums, 60 facial symmetry etc.

All this reasons are precious so don’t ignore your baby’s teeth.

As a PEDODONTICS, I suggest you to visit/consult a Dentist for kids (every 6 months)for your child’s teeth and gums better growth and development. As we know that permanent and primary (milk)teeth both are different so their treatments are also different.

For example, teething pain treatment ( tooth eruption pain/swelling), fillings, RCT, space maintainers, braces, special /disabled child management, soft tissue surgery, brushing technique, proper oral hygiene, diet chart, habit-breaking appliances, etc.

At Dental Talk, we examine kids’ teeth and their dental issues online as many kids resist going to the Dental Clinics. We are available over chats, voice and video calls. It’s that easy and affordable.

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